How can you market art? Many, however, have realised that marketing is a tool for survival in what is a very competitive world. Marketing is the application of commonsense. That is: „Who will want to hear us and who want to pay to hear us?“ Answer: „Those that can be encouraged to hear us“.
Marketing is the activity that enables you, the producer, to get your music to the customer, who in turn markets your music to the audience. The marketing process for the jazz musician involves three set of people: you the musician, your customer and the audience.

The Musician
You, the jazz musician have to package your music, fix a price and then promote it to the customer. The music being marketed will range across the full spectrum of jazz from New Orleans to free improvised and all points in between. For simplicity's sake we are going to call this music the „product“. Some may object, but let us not forget we are marketing jazz which is the „product“ of a unique creative process.

The Customer
Unless you hire the hall yourself and market directly to the audience or produce your own albums and market straight to the listener, your customer will be the venue manager, the record label, the jazz club promoter or any other person or organisation who uses jazz.

The Audience
The audience is the consumer. If, for example radio or television is your customer then the
consumers will be the people who listen to radio or watch television. In everyday terms the
audience or consumer is the „punter“. If the major components are put in graphic form then the process falls into three activities: you to your customer; your customer to your  audience, and you will also endeavour.





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