Our agency offers promoters the service of organizing and carrying out directed events, with the intention of emotionalizing the audience and establishing a recognizable image for the promoter. There’s a time limit on events like concert series. Therefore, event marketing comprises the whole scale of traditional communication tools like public relations, advertising, sales promotion and even sales. We use sponsoring as a further  communication tool: the sponsor puts money, equipment or services at the promoter’s disposal, in order to achieve communicative aims like fame, knowledge and image, in exchange.

Service Proceeding
Course: conception of checklists, like for finding the right moment for an event or a concert series. Specific criteria for target groups are the concert- going habits in general, as well as regarding the type of event. Further the consideration of holiday dates and public holidays etc. The immediate as well as the extended target area are determined. Criteria, specific of events as well as seasonal aspects make an influence and the competition has to be scrutinized. The goals are set according to the promoter’s demands and the scale of the budget. A strategy is worked out, aiming for a motto, a peg to hang the topic on. The  communication strategy goes along with cooperations and sponsors and determines the measures before, during and after the event .The budget includes the costs of purchase of the beverages and food, personnel, communication, infrastructure and setting-up.

Measures in the run-up of the event
Conception of the event Reservation of facilities, approvals Co-operations, sponsoring attractions
Communication (Advertising) Infrastructure and setting-up Detailed program schedule Personnel planing Press work Taking down and clearing up, Cleaning
Demonstration of thanks to co-operation partners, sponsors, guests etc. Eventmarketing-Controlling

Measures during the event
On-location infrastructure during the process of setting-up and taking-down
Guest-service, various checks, supplies of food and beverages carrying out according to the
program schedule
Safeguarding of the takings, supplies of change

Measures after the event
Taking down and clearing up
Demonstration of thanks to co-operation-partners, sponsors, guests etc.

Potential co-operation-partners and sponsors:
Media: TV; radio, newspapers, magazines
Suppliers: beverages, food, technical equipment
Authorities: companies, associations, organizations, schools, universities, internet-platforms
Types of co-operation
Joint advertising campaigns
Providing personnel putting infrastructure, decoration, etc. at disposal
Putting “Know-How” at disposal
Reduced or free media service like editorial articles, adverts, etc.
Partial taking over of the costs
Purchase of a certain number of tickets
Separate invitation of concert-guests