MOOD FESTIVAL 2006 in Karlsruhe

moodFestival.jpgOn May, 24, 2006 the MOOD FESTIVAL is taken place in Karlsruhe at the “Studentenhaus”.
Starts at 9.30 p.m. till 5 o’clock in the morning.

Advanced tickets 9 EUR / Tickets at night 10 EUR

On two plateaus and in the inner courtyard the MOOD-Team presents Live-Acts from international top artists and a barbecue.
The events showcases seven DJs, a stage show plus dance performance and a live concert from Denmark, the EMIL DE WAAL TRIO and their project PLUS:



Here the No.1 DJ of the Electronic music scene Mr. Carl Craig, Planet E. Records, Detroit is the Headliner on the turntables.

Further on âME feat. Kristian Beyer (Sonar Kollektiv) is performing, Beyer is internationally very successful at present.

Website Sonar Kollektiv

Last but not least, the festival’s impresario himself, Mr. Shahrokh Dini is on the stage presenting his new material for Compost Records.

Funky Room:

DJ Smoove, London (from the legendary Label Acid Jazz), who produced together with label owner Eddy Piller acts like Jamiroquai, Galliano and Incognito and made them famous. The diverse styles are blending a superb mixture from Soul, Funk and Disco. Supported by party king and freak DJ Quincy Jaintz and Mighty Mighty from Karlsruhe.

In the inner courtyard:

Here an open air barbecue will bring the people into the right “mood” plus cool drinks and cocktails.

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