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jazzahead 2016! is imminent. This year's partner country is Switzerland, its diverse and multilingual cultural scene illustration found in various exhibitions, films, theater performances, readings and of course concerts. Last Friday, April 8, the cultural festival that accompanies the trade fair began and continues through the jazzahead which begins the 21st of April and ends on the 24th of April. The current music scene in Switzerland provides a wide variety of stylistic forms in particular the music genre of jazz. This provides the framework for a very special Swiss self-image. So often political issues are mixed with art. The citizens of Switzerland can influence these processes directly, because the direct democracy of the Swiss makes this possible. Several times a year are held referendums. Each canton has its own constitution, its own government, its own parliament and courts. In Bremen's citizenship (parliament) is illustrated an exhibition of political posters (since 1918 through today), portraying this form of decision-making. There is a very lively jazz scene in Switzerland, which is characterized by its variety of stylistic forms. There are 5 Jazz colleges for a country of 8.5 million inhabitants.

For jazzahead 8 Swiss bands were selected by an independent jury, which occur in the "Swiss Night".

More about the overall program of the Swiss culture festival you find under:

In total the jazzahead 2016 presents 40 bands by 578 applications! Peter Schulze as a jury member described the selection with a symbol picture of a ship in a shaking, heavy sea. At the „Overseas Night“ a lot of young women present their projects this time. The Israel origin and in New York based flutist Hadar Noiberg opens the „Overseas Night“. The ambitious and energetic artist shares her time between Israel and the US. This you can hear in her music: powerful jazz improvisations and western harmonies, supported by grooves of the middle east. For Hadar the travers flute, which she plays masterful is a spiritual instrument, came from the nature and take you in different spheres. She wants to establish the flute as a leading instrument like the ney in the orient of the bansuri in India. The concert is happening at Friday, April-22 in hall 7.1 and starts at 8pm.

Nicole Neihiebel, the new music chief of Radio Bremen introduced the activities of the broadcast at jazzahead. All of the 40 showcases will be taped. RB build a glass studio at the fairground and from there they report with live interviews and discussions. Radio Bremen also produces the sound streaming for the television broadcast arte and they are partner of the clubnight at Saturday, April-23. The 6th edition of the clubnight is a mammoth of an event. In 34 Bremen venues 114 bands are performing. Churches, museums, hotels and also clubs are open their doors for jazz. The clubnight ticket includes the VBN ticket of the regional trains to Bremen and also the public traffic system in the city and is valid from 3am on the clubnight day to 10am the following Sunday morning. Peter Schulze declared as the promoter of the venue „Sendesaal Bremen“ the advantages of this mega-event. Labelnights in the Swissotel (Dot Time Records and in the „Sendesaal“ (ECM) as country presentations in the club „Moments“ (Canada) and in the Marriott-Hotel (Denmark) build up the frame of the clubnight. The official clubnight Jam-Session after the showcase concerts is happening at the Swissotel and celebrates jazz until the morning hours (open end).

Sybille Kornitschky, the project leader of the jazzahead told at the press conference, that jazzahead has yearly growth rates of 30% of expert participants. So called „umbrella stands“ (country areas) offer labels and promoters a low cost opportunity to present their services and programs together. The biggest task of the jazzahead is to navigate and control offers and demands and to secure all of this for the next years.

Let's enjoy this great party of jazz in all its facets and its transmission power.

All about the total program of the jazzahead you find under:

Our agency JAZZMEDIA you will find at the Dot Time Records booth in hall 6 (standnumber: B07).

We like to invite you to come by! Diverse DT artists present their projects in concerts: in the official jazzahead program Hadar Noiberg is opening the „Overseas Night“ (April-22) and Ola Onabule takes part of the „European Meeting“ (April-23 over the day). During the clubnight also at April-23 you can follow these groups of DTR:

Adrienne West Trio at „Übersee-Museum“
Simona Parrinello & Band at „Swissotel“
Chris Rand & Band at „Swissotel“
Deborah Carter's „Diggin' The Duke“ project at „Swissotel“

Shez Raja Group at „Swissotel“

and after the showcase concerts the international and official „clubnight“ jam session from 11:30 pm till ?

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