Next week is jazzahead time!

We are happy to meet people from the last years again and find also new friends and supporters for our projects! This time we present our agency together with the US-label Dottime Records www.dottimerecords.com at booth E-07 in the CCB hall!
Our German projects we present at stand B-02 together with the Bremen venues of the Clubnight. We are booked as the media representer of this big event.

This year's "jazzahead! Skoda Clubnight" edition is a very special and unique event, which will increase an after-effect in the German music scene. In 19 venues over 40 concerts are taken place! The program present bands from all over the world and spotlight globally artist projects in the best manner. In this form and richness it is never happened in Germany before, even not in metropole cities like Berlin or Hamburg, nevertheless the so-called "Reeperbahnfestival" in Hamburg, which concept is quite similar to the clubnight in Bremen. The "jazzahead" Skoda Clubnight" will be a fixed date in the International festival agenda the next years, strengthen already made connections and extend them. Bremen's traditional reputation as a music city find best certification in the clubnight and will carry Bremen's image as an open place for art further on into the world impressively!

Under the clubnight venues you find also our Dutch ship "DeLiefde" again like last year! www.delief.de. In course of our series "FLUSSMUSIK" we present this time artists from Israel, the Netherlands, Italy, Australia, the US and Germany. A great highlight of the night will be the non-announced appearance of legendary master drummer Lenny White, who will promote the great Italian singer Letizia Gambi, for whom he produced an album. Together with the exceptional and fantastic John Daversa Group from L.A. this will be a "bang" late night (not before 11.30pm!)


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