The JAZZFEST BERLIN 2013 is knocking at the door! This time the festival spotlight the African continent. Especially for this Jazzfest edition German pianist Joachim Kühn had written compositions named "Gnawa Jazz Voodoo".


 The Gnawas are a ethnic minority in Marocco, they are ancestors of West-african slaves south of the Sahara desert. They are known because of their very rhythmic accentuated music. In ceremonial rituals they expel evil spirits with their music, their dances and a sacrificial animal. Musicians like Jimi Hendrix, Peter Gabriel or Joe Zawinul being influenced by the music of the Gnawas. In jazz the Gnawa music is even often used by a lot of musicians. Pianist Randy Weston or saxophonists like Archie Shepp or Pharoah Sanders produced music together with Gnawa artists. Jazz icon Sanders will perform now again with Joachim Kühn and his Africa-Connection group in Berlin. Already at the eve of the opening concert at October-30 the African-Theme will introduce a documentary film called "Transmitting" and a podium discussion after. The film makers accompanied in 2008 the trio of Pianist Joachim Kühn with the Spanish drummer Ramon Lopez and string master Majid Bekkas across Marocco. The film is following the question, why music, better than other art forms, is the best opportunity to balance everyday of individuals between language, culture and religion.


Further highlights of the festival are concerts of musicians like the young trumpeter Christian Scott, who follows his African roots in his American hometown New Orleans. Legendary drummer Jack DeJohnette will come to the stage together with clarinetist Don Byron and band and at the Berlin jazz club A-Trane an homage of the pianist Jutta Hipp will be celebrated by the female saxophonist Ilona Haberkamp. Even exciting is a new program with the German actor Christian Brückner with his sonorous voice: Jazz & Poetry.

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