Berlin Jazzfest 2007 | Journey through Contemporary Music

jazzfestberlin07.jpgJazzFest time in Berlin: that is November fog and the intense flavour of autumn leaves. This edition presents established musicians from Europe and the US, who work without wear blinkers. Local folk music, global sounds are mixed creatively.

At the opening on Wednesday, October 31, 2007, 40 musicians are on stage at the "Festspielhaus", Schaperstrasse in Berlin-Wilmersdorf. EL GUSTO is a collective of muslime and jewish artists, who come together again after years of seperation and living in exile. Already in the 40ties and 50ties they played together the so-called "Chaabi Music", the Blues of the Maghreb, which came to life in the casbah of Algiers. The participants of this forgotten music style invites you for an urban, oriental sound mix, a celebration and market place of joie de vivre.

The complete programme you find under:
Website Jazzfest Berlin

The first time German-French television "arte" is broadcasting the events. The already produced work "Best of Jazzfest" is shown on Saturday, November 3, 2007 at the big screen in the foyer of the "Haus der Berliner Festspiele". Highlights of the last 25 years fit together here once again.

Tickets are avaiable at the ticket office of the Berliner Festspiele, Schaperstrasse 24, under phone: +49.30.25489-100 or at the advance booking offices all over Berlin. Also "Online-Orders" are possible under:Website Jazzfest Berlin Tickets

Recommendable is also the festival club pass to a price of 80,00 EUR, reduced 50,00 EUR (for students...)

The artistic director of the last 5 years, Peter Schulze, say goodbye with this edition and attend to new, just as exciting tasks. We wish him furthermore nosiness and pleasure in his support of musical talent. Often he succeed here in Berlin with his lively festival editions.


As always during Jazzfest Berlin the TOTAL MUSIC MEETING is taken place at the "Berlinische Galerie", Alte Jakobstrasse in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Under the artistic leadership of Helma Schleif & Wolfgang Fuchs this "International Artist Festival for Improvisational Music" is running since 39 years now. With high-carat concerts and workshop offers in the athmosphere and ambience of modern art the TMM 2007 proves, that Berlin is a true place for innovative music.

The complete programme of the TMM-07 you will find under:
Website FMP Music